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In His Presence

by Rizamin Urbi

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.- Matthew 4:17

rizaDo you feel a different kind of excitement when you think of heaven? Is to be there the number one in your life’s list of goals? It is in mine and I hope it is in yours as well.

My co-workers in Christ, let us ponder heaven and think of all the good things we look forward to. Then let us decide on how we spend our days so that we can share to others the excitement about God’s love and promises. Most importantly, let us think of the Savior Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for all humanity. Heaven is one thing nobody should miss out on.

Heaven is the place where everything good you ever wish to happen would happen. But the best thing about it is to be with the One who loves us the most –our Savior and King.

Some people start a “relationship” with God with selfish motives. I did. We sometimes call His name only because of what He can give. But how wonderful, merciful and loving our Father is! Through the Holy Spirit, He can transform our selfish hearts. Slowly, He will open our eyes so we could see His unselfish, unconditional love for us. And as we begin to understand how much He loves us, we can’t help but praise Him and love Him even more. It then becomes our hearts’ desire to be with Him and spend time with Him for eternity.

As for me, I want to go to heaven so I can talk with God and spend all the time I have to know Him even more. I want to be in heaven so I can be in His presence because with Him, I’d want nothing more.

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