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Mission, Vision

Statement of Mission, Vision, Goals and General Objectives


The Chosen Vessels exists to strengthen the organizational structure of 1000 Missionary Movement missionaries assigned in Korea; to carry out missionary centered programs that uphold evangelism and promote spiritual and social welfare of the whole missionary group; and, lead out co-missionaries in their spiritual and social endeavor and growth.


            Missionaries and leaders, who are catalysts to a whole-hearted service in doing their missionary work. Chosen Vessels officers and representatives envision a responsible and initiating set of spiritual leaders shepherding the flock of missionaries serving in South Korea. With conscientious and careful selfless actions, render exemplar service and leave a legacy for the next set of officers.


1. To keep the spiritual vigor of each missionaries.

2. To emphasize the dignity of their service and missionary work.

3. To develop the leadership capabilities and skills of co-missionaries, providing effective missionary work.

4. To establish and maintain unity among missionaries.

5. To exemplify the necessity of keeping the missionary spirit.

6. To strengthen the passion for evangelism among missionaries.


 A. Relationship to GOD

  * A more intimate Relationship with Jesus, through daily encounter with His words.

 * An increased love and desire in the study His words

 * An increased conviction to the mission as missionary teachers in South Korea.

B. Fellowmen

 * Develop respect to the Korean culture and sensitivity to the Korean way of life, accepting them without the compromise of faith.

 C. Value and Dignity of Mission

 * An increased understanding in having the English language as one of the most effective tools to evangelize the secular population of South Korea.

* A strengthened love and conviction for their work as a Missionary English Teacher.

* An improved knowledge on values and virtues of being an ambassador of God while in the service.

* An increased participation in community programs that will enhance their sense of belongingness and dignity.

 D. Self

* An improved sense of belongingness through the provided camaraderie and interaction among missionaries.

* A resolved self-image, self –worth and Christian identity through a constant connection with Christ in His words.

* An improved practical skills to be a more effective army of the Gospel.