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5000 Won Worth of TRUST

By: Lyndy Famisaran

Though He brings grief, He will show compassion, so great is His unfailing love.” Lamentaions 3:32 (NIV)


My mind was bothered as to how we were going to survive for more than two weeks after our food allowance was lost. Every month, I and my partner share for the food allowance for the whole month, and we always put it in a small piggy bank. Last June my new partner came and we decided to do the same thing. During our first week, we spent 20 thousand won so we still had about 80 thousand won left. After a week, when I opened our piggy bank to get some money, I was surprised that our money wasn’t there anymore. I paused for a second and thought, “Is this for real?” My partner was just as surprised as I was when I told her what happened. It was our first time to lose money. I kept on thinking why. Nevertheless, I had to accept the reality. I talked to God about it and remembered the text written by prophet Jeremiah in Lamentations 3:32.

Claiming that promise, I and my partner decided not to buy food anymore. Instead, we entrusted everything to God and believed that he would never leave us nor forsake us. Lo and behold, it was almost the end of June but there was still food inside our refrigerator! And during the first week of July my partner asked me again if we were going to share some money for the food. I told her that we would just ask God for the food and let Him provide everything except for the dozen eggs and 1 pack of fish cake that cost 5000 won. I talked to God again and said, “ Heavenly Father, please make this food enough for 2 weeks because we don’t have money anymore.” And believe it or not, we didn’t buy any food for 2 weeks because some of the church members and our Samonim provided for us. Three weeks after, I noticed that there were still 4 eggs left and some fish cake. I really could not fathom my feelings during that time. I wanted to cry, shout and share to the world His everlasting goodness and faithfulness to his children. I talked to God again and asked His forgiveness for not trusting Him fully and for worrying about everything as if He wasn’t there. Now, I learned my lesson. He taught me the true meaning of trust.

There is no other love like His! God can do greater things more than what we can imagine. We just lack faith. John 16:24 says, “Ask and you will receive so that your happiness may be complete.” There is no limit when it comes to God’s amazing grace! We just need to trust Him with all our hearts and minds. In addition, John 16:23 says, “ The Father will give you whatever you will ask in His name.” So, let us surrender everything to Him. Let us trust Him!

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