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by: Kaysia T. Monera

And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.” Psalm 9:10 

Image“You can do something other than working with God in His purpose, but it will always be something lesser, and you couldn’t come up with something better. ”- Steve Hawtorne.
I strongly believe that missionary work is the most rewarding work a person can do. It is both a blessing to you and to the people you get acquainted with. The church I am serving manages an “Adong Center,” a children’s welfare center supported by the government. Children come here and we take care of them. We teach Mathematics, English, Arts and other stuff for them to enjoy. Praying and teaching Bible is a big NO except on Saturdays. The manager told me that I should not pray with the kids and talk about the Bible during my class. Hearing those words from him, I didn’t know how to react. I came here for missionary work. But it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to do any missionary work at all. Left with no choice, I followed the rules. Somehow, I was allowed to pray on my own without involving the kids.
I felt so sad about my situation. During the days of sadness, I found comfort in the words of a familiar song “Trust His Heart.” This was my way of keeping back the tears. I needed to keep the faith and trust God that He would take care of everything. I knew He would never forsake me. I prayed that God would open my eyes and let me see the ministry He has set before me here in Korea. I prayed that He would create opportunities to reveal Himself.
More than two months passed, God revealed His power. Things slowly changed. The manager one day taught the kids about how God created the world. I was surprised about it, but at the same time happy seeing that he shared to the children about God. The kids also started learning how to pray. Though we don’t do it regularly during the weekdays because of the set rules, I am looking forward for that day when we can freely tell the children about Jesus. I believe that day is going to come. Right now, the ministry here is slowly growing. We will keep on praying that it will continue to grow and lead souls to Christ.

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